Bitcoin Mine Launched!

On 02 December 2017, we are going to reveal a program named – Bitcoin Mine, the post claimed this was launched by the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. So what’s going on?

Before anything, do you know the binary option auto trading software?
If yes then this will be very easy to understand for you. The binary option auto trading software is a program that help you to place the trades in your chosen brokerage account automatically, you don’t have to execute the trades by referring the chart in the trading platform all the time, even you don’t need any knowledge about trading. In short, you can do nothing, just turn on the auto trading feature, then you are good to go. If you have an experience with this, we pretty sure it actually wiped out your broker account in just a few minutes!

Please do not lie on this kind of software! This is what so-called useless….
When we are talking about the trading, it doesn’t matter for Forex or Binary Option. Both we need the knowledge and we have to learn with patience, it will take time, long time to learn from basic to advance. The ideas they are using are quite common sense already, since Bitcoin Mine is designing the same interface with other software such as Option Robot, Super Simple Bot and many more. You can try to do a research then you will know, apparently they are a team, with the same creator, they created all the things behind the scene, including video recording, website designing and content writing, anything that can make them more popular and looks more attractive to the innocent community! There is nothing to do with the trading if you don’t have enough knowledge to handle, for trading, you have to learn, trading on your own, this is what for trading.

How it works for this kind of cyber-crime?!
Let’s make an exposing to this program – Bitcoin Mine. First you will be enticed by the information displaying in site. They claiming that you will get 100% winning trades by using the software they provided, yes it is free of charge, but you have to first fund your broker account to start trading with profit! And someone is talking to you with so much information in a video, explaining to you how it will work for you, the content they are talking about is always changing. Spreading some testimonials from the fake user profile with the sentence ”today I turn the program on then it makes me $1000 I cannot believe it!…..” All these things are to make you deposit in the program which is funding your broker account that connected to the program. You know? Once you deposit, then they will make money! Why? Search for the information of ” Affiliate ” then everything should be clear enough!

What do you think?
We cannot sure how they are running the program in the background, maybe there is another way to make the frauds. What we can promised, is that you will never get a program that actually works that way! Please do not hesitate to share your experience with the community by leaving a comment below. So will you still fall into this kind of cyber-crime? Make your own decision, we believe it will be one of the smart move from you!

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  1. Joe Petruzzi

    This is such an interesting story to keep up with.

    Bitcoin has brought up a lot of questions for many people and I think you answered questions that I had, as well as questions I didn’t have! Specifically in terms of the cyber crimes involved with Bitcoin

    This is definitely something to keep up with in the future.

    • admin

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the valuable comment! Everyone should pay attention to this kind of cyber crime, as the cryptocurrency getting popular, the way they are scamming keep increasing and definitely a part of us will fall into this kind of fraud!

      There is nothing more need to express in the post, just to remind everyone make a smarter final decision! Due diligence and actually this is just a common sense for everyone.


  2. Mundsan Yu Hoi

    Hi there,
    Thank you loads for sharing information about the potential of fraud in the crypto industry. Which I’m hoping to heavily get into some time soon. I did get lost a little bit about your main message though. So what you’re basically saying is beware of potential cryptocurrency mining scams out there?

    • admin


      Thanks for the valuable comment! Yes you are absolutely right, this message is just a reminder for frauds in crypto industry. The way they scamming are diversify, this was just an example to show those potential novices, we as an investor or other roles should be very carefully and be aware of the programs and platforms out there! By the way good luck to you!


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    • Hi,

      Thanks for taking time to read the post! I hope it could help and at least give an insight to the relating investors. Good day to you!


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