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Recalled case of Perfect Money scammer

We’ve discussed this same thing few months ago with a video that shared by our client on YouTube, he recorded and told us the whole process of how he’ve been scammed by a site that selling Perfect Money e-Voucher – To let you know that most of fraudsters don’t give up so early on several attempts of scamming you. Do not send them more money when you notice something suspicious in the process, sending more money is not always a solution in this situation.


Scammer replied with asking documents for verification

Buying Perfect Money e-Voucher online is just a simply business dealing process and no identity verification is required, please pay attention that only legal financial institution or entity can collect identity document from you. Perfect Money e-Voucher is a financial product from Perfect Money, thus for buyer you do not have to provide the seller with identity document and the seller do not have to collect identity document from buyer. 

As you can see from the shared video on YouTube, the scammer is collecting identity document from the buyer which they may trying to scam more by using your personal identity document. According to our research report of the money stolen by scammers, clients and buyers lost an average more than millions every year to these frauds.

(Live Proof Of Scamming)
Check out the video below!

Stay away from:

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Here is a reminder!
Online things are always risky, especially if you are eager to make money online. Do your own research and mix it with common sense, decrease the chance of being scam and make your road to the success!

Long story short, make everything easy to understand!
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