Perfect Money Adder Reveal!

Today, we are going to reveal a cyber-crime – Perfect Money Adder. And make a splitting of section for this kind of scam, so how it gonna works?

First, what is Perfect Money?
Perfect Money is a payment system featured with an instant internal transfer functionality, everyone can do any financial activity online by using this payment system. There is no restriction, you can send money for a service, gambling, buying and selling.. And there is a non-reversal policy for every payment transfer. Compare to others, Perfect Money is considered as the most easier to use payment system online.

Fraudsters catching point… to trick!
They know there are many Perfect Money users looking to make money online. This is quite common since most of the scamming investment program accepting Perfect Money as a deposit payment gateway due to the most important part which is non-reversal policy in the statement. Also there has no dispute in Perfect Money, so they can just take the money and sudden disappear without any responsible for anything! We have no chance to get the money back.

New way to attract you fall into trap….
As mentioned most of the users are looking to make money online with Perfect Money, there is a group of them are trying to utilize this point to entice the user. There is a software called ”Perfect Money Adder”. What is that? They claiming that this software can add unlimited money to any Perfect Money account online for free, with the advanced technology that can breaking through the security firewalls of Perfect Money system.

How they are scamming you!?
We just found this pmadder2015.jimdo in the first search result. So how it works? This is a quite new idea to scam by using the tool so called Perfect Money Adder. They are using an idea of system error value to cover the topic of how they can hack the Perfect Money system. So at first, you will need to send $200, $400 or $1000 to the virtual accounts created by them, they claiming these are the error values detected by them to make the hack. Anyone that cannot stand temptations and want to make fast money will then send money to them. This is how they are scamming, this is the way of the scamming.

What do you think?
As you can see, they are not having only one website? They are everywhere in the internet! There are also something like PayPal money adder, Bitcoin money adder, Payoneer money adder, Payza money adder and even more. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with the community by leaving a comment below, we want to remind others, do not fall into this kind of cyber-crime.


  1. Remy

    Unfortunately the internet (and the world) is full with scams just like this one.
    they are not always as obvious to me as this one though.
    Do people really fall for these types of scams?

    A lot of advise my grandfather lived by still needs to be applied today. Such as

    You get nothing for nothing.
    There is no substitute for hard work.
    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck & smells like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

    • admin


      Thanks for the valuable comment! Yes definitely peoples fall into these types of scams! Most of the peoples are greedy enough to get rich quick, this is always be a main point that fraudsters will paying attention to.

      Do you know?
      Actually there are still many peoples who are looking to make quick money without putting any effort! This is how the fraudsters can still surviving online.


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