How to create your Perfect Money account?

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First you have to create a Perfect Money account, normally it won’t take more than 5 minutes to register! How do we create an account with Perfect Money? Let’s take a look into the details which we need to fill up later in the Perfect Money Sign Up page!

The registration in Perfect Money is as easy as abc!

Account Name
This name would be displayed to someone who is going to make a payment to you or receive a payment from you.

Full Name
This is your legal name which is your First Name, Middle Name if you have one and Surname.

City, Address, Country, Zip/Postal code
This is your legal address. The City and Country you live in, Street Address and Zip/Postal code.

This is the email address that will receive most notification from Perfect Money, including Account Number.

This is your Phone or Fax number, an optional field which is not required for the registration. This detail would be for account verification purpose.

Account Type
There are 2 account types here in Perfect Money. Personal is for individual usage while Business is for company usage.

This is a secret phrase to secure your Perfect Money account. Required to retype the password.

Turing Number
There is an image showing this number to input for security purpose.

User Agreement and Terms of Use of Perfect Money
Please make sure that you read this thoroughly. Tick the box of ” I agree with terms and conditions ”.


Click on Register then you are done!

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