Local Transfer Purchase Available!

Dear all,

Do you know that you can purchase Perfect Money e-Voucher by using local transfer without any extra fees charged from bank? Yes currencies for AUD, EUR, GBP and USD are now available for local transfer! The process would work just like the normal transfer between bank in your country. We are always working very hard with TransferWise to lower the processing fees as much as possible which for now it could be 0%!

We are proud to announce that we make this happened before others and becomes the first one of Perfect Money e-Voucher’s store which accepting multiple local currencies purchase for Perfect Money e-Voucher, a special thanks to TransferWise! We’re always better and only will getting better.

We’ve included the currency converter for those who want to pay with currencies AUD, EUR or GBP for the order in USD! You would know how much to transfer and pay with your prefer currency after your order is placed! Yes just that easy!


@Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre


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