Paying with the most renowned payment e-wallet in Malaysia is much more convenient and faster! Especially when one is able to pay directly just from daily-use smartphone.

Enjoy seamless and faster payment experience with

Touch ‘n GO!

It is convenient and faster! Why?

When we have your delivery details such as email address or Perfect Money U wallet number from your first time Touch ‘n GO purchase, all you need for facilitating the delivery of future purchases is only the screenshot of paid payment page. Yes that’s all!

Everytime to fill? No….
✅ No more waiting to fill the delivery details!
✅ No more waiting to fill the bank credentials!
✅ No more waiting to fill the bank TAC numbers!


How to pay with Touch ‘n GO?

1. Open the TNG app and scan the Merchant QR code.

2. Input the amount according to the pricing of corresponding e-Voucher.

3. Click “Confirm” to pay and screenshot the paid payment page.

4. Get in touch to send the screenshot and email address for e-Voucher delivery!

Note: Direct internal transfer is available upon request.

Any questions? We always hear you, get in touch with us!