We’ve carefully pick the most suitable payment method not only for our own business organization, but striving to offer every client a safer way to pay. We working harder to keep both gateway and product fees as lower as possible in the industry from local to international.

    FPX (Online Banking)
    This is the most convenient payment method in Malaysia!
    Make and transfer the payment online instantly
    with zero fees through internet banking.

WeChat Pay
The most popular social platform in China!
WeChat Pay and Money Packet are now available for the
consumer in Malaysia to make the payment with zero fees.

One of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world!
This even cheaper than Bitcoin and shall cost only cents
to make a payment. This is international applicable.

The first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world!
A network fees must be paid to the miner to process
the transaction. This is international applicable.

Advanced Cash (ADVCash)
A secure payment method for credit/debit card transaction.
Consumer can buy cryptocurrencies with zero fees 
almost instantly with credit/debit card after verification.