PayPal payment for Perfect Money e-Voucher?

Scammers accepting PayPal payments?

Yes as the name says, some scammers using PayPal to accept payment for the sales of Perfect Money e-Voucher. PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway online, it could be a big impact if you don’t accept PayPal for your business and it implies that you will lose a potential million of customer from almost anywhere in the world.


Why did scammers using PayPal to accept payment?

PayPal had been targeted by scammer online more than 10 years back because it owns massive of clients in foundation, it is really easy if scammer do some tricks on business dealing. Sending personal payment has never been so easier in PayPal, all you need is only a valid email address. Mostly scammer ask you to send personal payment to avoid Buyer Protection, thus once you noticed fraud you will never able to dispute the payment.


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