Perfect Money Adder?

What is Perfect Money Adder?

Perfect Money Adder is actually nothing, but a fake app which scammer claims to add free money to your Perfect Money account within minutes. It is a trick or tool that scammer used to sell you with a price and telling you that you can use it to add unlimited money to your Perfect Money account, bragging that this app hacks the firewall of Perfect Money system.


Why did they do this?

Obviously, they did this to stole money from innocent people! Let’s put some common sense to the trick and what now? Ask yourself a question of if I can use that ”Perfect Money Adder” and send unlimited money to my Perfect Money account, why would I sell one to you? I have unlimited free money already in my Perfect Money account and I do not need to sell one to you for money! Does that make some sense? Well we think so!


Is this even exist?

Nope, Perfect Money Adder doesn’t exist in the world nor it can add unlimited money to your Perfect Money account! This is just a type of scamming pattern that scammer try to entice you with attractive result ”unlimited money”. If you are a new novice to the online world then be careful because you may fall onto this fraud due to insufficient of online experience, those who is a eager to make money online will be likely fall onto this very same fraud too. There has no so-called free money in the world, either try working hard or buy lottery, no one has free money for you!




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