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Are you a user of Perfect Money? Do you have an account with Perfect Money? If yes you may noticed that Perfect Money payment system has becomes so popular and it’s just getting the popularity increasing day by day! With the easiest feature of payment system in Perfect Money, so-called HYIP platform has got the attention and starting to use it right away for their platform to manage the invest business. If you are using Perfect Money, you will probably know that there are some investment platform which claiming that they could manage your Perfect Money’s deposit to yield high return on the investment. It’s attractive, right?

What is HYIP? Read more in HYIP wikipedia!

The things that actually need to be aware of HYIP!

The profit return is based on the previous investor’s money. HYIP will never own a real business!

Paid promoters to promote the investment plans to you. HYIP paid someone to attract more investors!

Investors in your friend list promoting in the social media. HYIP paid referral commissions to them!

Many websites monitoring the opportunities, they are HYIP monitor. HYIP paid them or they just want to make referral commissions from you!

√ The testimonials in the investment platform. HYIP showing some reviews to convince more investors!


Never take this kind of investment opportunity unless you want to lose your hard-earned money! HYIPs are doing nothing other than stealing your money, yes that’s right! Search for ” Perfect Money HYIP ” or ” HYIP monitor ” to do your own research. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with HYIP if you have one by commenting below, we are sure it’s not as good as you want before joining at earlier time.

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