Perfect Money is not in social?

A support ticket has been submitted….

To confirm about the social channel that Perfect Money is using, after we’ve contacted support and we noticed that they don’t actually exist in any social community. Yes, Perfect Money is not actually using any account in social media including Facebook, Twitter and more! So what to take a look on?


Any account in social media is unofficial!

Means what? Be aware that scammer may try to pretend to be Perfect Money Official and steal your Perfect Money account details. Not sure on this but if you try to search Perfect Money in any social media there could be several fake profiles show up in result. None of them are Perfect Money Official, please pay attention on this!

Do not share your Perfect Money account details to any of them, submit a private ticket through the official website if you wish to contact Perfect Money. The official website is The link below is neither Perfect Money Official nor Partner! Perfect Money has nothing to do with them!

This page claimed to be official but this is not true!

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Customer Care,
Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre

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