See what fraudster has to offer?

We believe that you actually hate this….

Yes, we hate those who pretending to be another business and promoting fake offers using the exposure rate of the business itself! Currently we are looking on the cryptocurrency – Eureka Coin which owned by the Eureka Network to accept into our payment list, still we’re reviewing the reliable of the coin and we noticed that the support team of the Eureka Network is not doing very well job on removing spam offers from everywhere of official. Thus, causing fraudsters coming up with so many fake business pages in the most popular social media platform – Facebook.


We’re here to ask you report and be aware of….

One of our client shared these fake pages to us as a member of the Eureka Network, this is unbelievable that so many fraudsters looking to make money with stolen! However, we strongly believe that almost everyone knows the common sense here within this type of fraud scene. Whoever asks you to send money first and then claiming you will receive more than what you’ve sent is no doubt obviously a fraud, that is simply not possible! We decided to publish them here in this post and just to share a thought and let everyone knows, but some of us still fall onto this scam. Please look at the screenshot below:


<—- Too good to be true? They’re too stupid to be fraudster instead! Would you really believe the offer of sending someone money and he/she will send you back with more money? Do not fall onto this useless offer! Report all of them to Facebook and help save others! Here below are all fake pages pretending to be the Eureka Network:

Fraudster 1

Fraudster 2

Fraudster 3

Here is a reminder!
Online things are always risky, especially if you are eager to make money online. Do your own research and mix it with common sense, decrease the chance of being scam and make your road to the success!

Long story short, make everything easy to understand!
Feel free to share your thought with us!

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