2 ways to send Bitcoin!

In this small article we will discuss some little information on spending the most popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin with 2 different ways. Spending Bitcoin is quite easy and shouldn’t be that hard as some of us think! Let’s see!


Sending Bitcoin

Depends on the availability of the wallet, we can either send the Bitcoin by scanning a QR code or copying and pasting a wallet address. Which one is the most you were using?

Scanning QR code!

This method is much more suitable when you have the Bitcoin wallet in your mobile! The merchant will display a QR code which contain the pricing amount that you need to send, open the Bitcoin wallet in your mobile then scan the QR code that display by the merchant. Usually you can just slide to send after scanning and the fees are paid on top of the pricing amount.

Sending to a wallet address!

This method is the most manually way to spend! All you need to do is just copy the wallet address from the merchant and paste it in your Bitcoin wallet then send. The fees are depends on the availablity of the wallet, you may choose how much fees you want to pay or the wallet set the fees in default. Also the fees may not be paid on top of the amount thus the receiver or merchant may receive less than what you’ve sent!


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