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Here we are collecting some information about this company – Blitz Profit, giving a simple review, some suggestion and idea why you should not join this kind of investment program. Let’s take a look in their company details. Don’t worry, we will keep this simple!

Name: Blitz Profit
Address: Tower Financial Center 8/29, Calle Elvira MΓ©ndez, Ciudad de PanamΓ‘
Phone: +1 (829) 956-2123


First we look on their home page and noticed this statement ” NOW GIVING FREE $200 BITCOIN AFTER YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT FREE!! ”. Obviously this is just a promotion to catch the attention from the visitors with showing of big fonts, this may or may not real. Also, there are somethings wrong with the first page navigation, if you look on the middle part of page you will be noticed that there is a statistic blocking the vision from the introduction of company information. The first statement was too long to be showing so causing the 2 buttons ” KNOW MORE ” and ” JOIN US ” almost hidden. Do they really serious about their online investment service? The investment information is very important for every investor and shouldn’t be showing unclear at the first page, maybe they rather focus on your ” Deposit ”?

Investment Plan

Second we look on their investment plans. The information showing on the page is just another approach to encourage you to invest or deposit into their platform which claim the Forex Trading would be simplified for you by their experts and you can do nothing to make money from your deposit. This is the most important that every investor should pay more attention to, we noticed that there is ” No Time Restrictions ” for each investment plan, so is that your deposit would be running forever and you can enjoy daily profit for lifetime? They claim the returns from your deposit is guarantee with their robust financial strategy.

There is a profit calculator on this page which you can calculate your profit according to the deposit. Let’s try to make an example, an initial deposit amount $1000 would be generating $750 after 30 days in profit, with $2000 deposit would be generating $1800 after 30 days in profit and it is almost doubled in just a month! Is that really possible? This is too good to be true, mostly we won’t trust on this kind of investment program, serious talk.

Support Gateway

As showing in their website, you can ask for the support from Live Chat, Phone, Email and Social Media. Most of the company details are displaying in the support page. They offer 24 hours through phone support and they are in social media too including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Their support gateway maybe much better than other investment program since they offer through many approaches. This doesn’t mean that they are 100% real and you may not be able to contact them on some day. If your withdrawal request is pending, try to contact them via the available support gateway, let’s see what will happen? The email simply won’t work with as showing in their support page.

Final Verdict X

We always mention about please do not join this kind of investment program unless you treat them like gambling. For fun, for gambling, for extra money to play with, this is for risk-taker. If you are not, stay away and don’t risk your hard-earned money. There is no guarantee on this scheme and you may or may not lose all the money that you invested.

This is just a simple review from us, an information, suggestion and advice. Please seek proper investment advice from professional invest consultant and do your own due diligence.

Please feel free to chime-in with a comment and share your experience with us in the community to remind or advice others.

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