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Here we are collecting some information about this company – Crypto Currency Group, giving a simple review, some suggestion and idea why you should not join this kind of investment program. Let’s take a look in their company details. Don’t worry, we will keep this simple!

Name: Crypto Currency Group
Address: 45 Chatterton Road Finsbury Park, London, United Kingdom, N4 2EA
Email: /
Phone: +44 (351) 5278967


Undoubtedly this company is much more professional than others with its design, interface and information that showing in the home page. A company about Crypto Currency Mining, which almost including everything in a page with Company Details, Investment Plans, Professional Mining Information and their promises. They are just started and running for only 1 day, still new in the industry, seemingly they are also dealing with big amount of deposit for the investment in the mining process.

Investment Plan

They offer 3 investment plans which are STARTER, ADVANCED and PREMIUM with different terms. Each of them would be running forever to generate you profit as long as your deposit is active. If not mistaken, most of the investors would jump into the STARTER plan since the low threshold of the minimum deposit amount, with a 0.003 BTC which is around 20 in USD would be starting a forever contract which generating you guaranteed profit. Are you dare to invest with 1.000001 BTC minimum amount which cost more than 6000 in USD to the ADVANCED plan? Guess no!

There is a profit calculator showing in the first page, yes let’s try to make an example! With STARTER plan minimum deposit 0.003 BTC, monthly profit would be 0.009 BTC which is triple of your deposit amount, what do you think? Needless to say the ADVANCED plan. Try to calculate it yourself, this is definitely won’t happen in reality!

Support Gateway

They don’t provide Social Media support! Same as usual they would have company address, registration number Companies House, phone number and email address showing in the support page which this is very common for all similar investment program. Seems like there was a typo in both of their email address, have you notice that?

Final Verdict X

Since they are just started, so you may still be able to make some profits at the beginning, this is not to encourage you to invest. As we mentioned, those are very common for every similar investment program. Although they are new, but they are still very suspicious! This is for risk-taker or who have extra money to play with or to gambling. This is not for everyone!

This is just a simple review from us, an information, suggestion and advise. Please seek proper investment advise from professional invest consultant and do your own due diligence.

Please feel free to chime-in with a comment and share your experience with us in the community to remind or advise others.

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