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  • ​Founder: Sundaram Kumar

  • Rating: 3∗ out of 5∗​

  • Review on 29/10/2017

    Last statement:
    The Crypto Income has officially goes scam! There is no more update from the owner after 1 month. We are not expecting the refund process anymore and it should be ended now. A consideration is a must when we are hanging around online, for this kind of situation.

    Latest update from founder on 21/11/17:

    More than 2 weeks already and he did his promise which was on 1st November he said will give an update after 2 to 3 weeks, finally we get another update from the founder of The Crypto Income. Sundaram Kumar – The Founder was informing us that they are trying to recover the funds that stucking at trading & mining. Again he told that the progress need more patience from us and assure the refunding will begin very soon. He again turned off the commenting for the post, no one is allowed to comment for the reaction, more updates will be posted soon as mentioned by him.

    Stay tuned for another update!

    Previous update from founder on 01/11/2017:
    The founder – Sundaram Kumar posted an update in TCI facebook group and promised to refund all the money to every member in one of the sentence ” Rest I assure you all SOON YOU ALL WILL BE REFUNDED 100% TO YOUR WALLET ONE BY ONE..!! ”. He claimed the fresh fund is lacking and told that members are not promoting the program which causing the situation happened. The Crypto Income is failed to survive for incoming month and the founder is asking patient for his honesty, gonna to take around 2 or 3 weeks to start giving refund.

    Stay tuned for another update!

    Let’s digging into the center of the program with 4-section review, we would like to give a look to this program since it is worth from our side, due to it’s transparency of the founder. We will continue to the topic from here.


    The Crypto Income is an advertising platform which founded on 1 September 2017 and specialized in delivering high quality Pro traffic to the advertiser’s platform to generate more views, more opportunities for both of advertiser and consumer.

    The platform has no direct dealing with the bank in country for financial but the payment system including Perfect Money, Payza, Payeer and CoinPayments at the moment, which providing more conveniences for the payment transfer.

    As a part of the program, there is a revenue sharing benefit which could make some good money while advertising and promoting products and websites online to the solid foundation of it’s member base, all the withdrawal request from revenue sharing will be clear within 24 hours as promised by the management which lead it to more attractive program out there.

    Long-term stability is always in the prime with the development of several advertise package to choose from in the range. The financial stats is very flexible and constantly growing due to the strengthen from external source income. The Crypto Income has done the achievement for it’s statement for at least a month of period.

    Advertise Package & Membership


    As an advertising platform, this revenue share option is always be the most focus point in the industry. This is the main core of the program for it’s stability. These advertise packages are use to promote online business throughout the day.

    The Crypto Income implemented the monthly membership for each level of the advertise package to better suit every advertiser’s requirement for online business, there is no free membership to get in share of the revenue. Membership is mandatory to participate in the revenue sharing program.

    This is an explanation in the section for the first level ” BRONZE PACK”. The bronze membership is required to purchase this advertise package. The revenue rewards is up to 125% which end up with a pure 25% share in the package for either use to withdraw or accumulate for later usage. The price of ”BRONZE PACK” per unit is $2 and it has a maximum limit to purchase which up to 100 packs only.

    25% revenue rewards is $0.5 per unit in the case, so the calculation in maximum limit 100 packs, there is a sharing $50 once all the advertise packages are expired. Definitely ideal for every advertiser for very own online business.

    Social Media

    The Crypto Income has an official launch webinar on 31 August 2017 in Youtube. A video that clearly explaining about the program itself, the experience of the founder and the involved team to ready kick-off the official launch day on 1st September 2017.

    They created a facebook group to connect with more peoples, for those whom having the same idea and passion, all-in-one in the community! Everyone is very transparent there in the social media which the identity is very well-known in this industry.

    Click on Video to watch the webinar.


    Although this is much more trustworthy than other same type of program online, but one should always pay attention to the final decision. Aspects to consider from, own financial, risk management, business strategy, program stability, daily information and more.

    What to notice is that the founder of The Crypto Income – Sundaram Kumar is quite delaying to reply the messages from the members regarding seed money refund as promised in earlier time and current updates for the program. Part of the member posting that they yet to receive the seed money from previous program TTI which was also launched by the same founder.

    From our statement:
    This kind of program is not for everyone, most of the advertising platform with a revenue sharing program will never last-long. Since this is a very simple concept to think of, it’s depending on the incoming funds and outgoing funds. The incoming funds is always much less than the outgoing funds in this situation. Please make your own decision carefully!

    We would like to hear your experience in The Crypto Income, kindly please comment below if you have any concern to share with the community!

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