See how much you can save with our free lifetime VIPID for every future order! We established this connection with our clients for long-term relationship.

How VIPID works?
VIPID allows client to spend the exactly amount of e-Voucher where Perfect Money is accepted. We guarantee every client’s spending!

Let’s see an example:

Client purchased an e-Voucher 100 USD from our store as usual.

Not only 100 USD, client will receive
100 USD + 0.5% (Payment fee) in e-Voucher instead.

What is VIPID?
It is a 6 digits number issued by us. VIPID helps you to spend the exactly amount for every Perfect Money e-Voucher on the order!

How do I get my VIPID?
After your first purchase, VIPID would be sent to your email address on the order. VIPID is included in the delivery.

Do I need to renew my VIPID?
Nope, VIPID is free for lifetime! Your VIPID is stored in our database, you do not need to do anything else. Place your order as usual by using the same personal information and the VIPID will apply automatically. Just keep the 6 digits in safe place.

Note: VIPID maybe disabled if you use different personal information while placing the order.

Any more questions? Get in touch with us!