In Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre, every payment option is strictly verified and experienced flow of the payment before adding into this payment option list. Payment option from local to international.



Traditional Currency (Store MYR)

Applicable to Store MYR only.


  Internet Banking
  Transfer money online to participated
  banks in Malaysia.


""Touch ‘n GO
The most renowned e-wallet in Malaysia.
Pay with Touch ‘n GO e-wallet today!


  Cash Deposit (Please contact us)
  Deposit cash over the bank counter or
  the ATM cash deposit machine.


  ATM Transfer (Please contact us)
  Transfer money offline using any available
  ATM machine located in bank.



Traditional Currency (Store USD)

Applicable to Store USD only.

An all-in-one wallet that support
popular cryptocurrencies exchange.


ADV Cash
An electronic wallet loaded with features
including but not limited to payment transfer.



Crytocurrency (Store USD)

Applicable to Store USD only.
Purchase cryptocurrencies here.


Bitcoin (BTC)
The first most popular coin that
truly peer-to-peer in the world.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Coin from the original Bitcoin that attempts
to increase network transaction capacity.


Litecoin (LTC)
An early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin,
nearly identical to Bitcoin.


Ether (ETH)
Ether in Ethereum blockchain. Second
only to bitcoin in market capitalization.