Selling Perfect Money USD (PM USD) has never been so confidence like this in the industry, knowing that you’re dealing with a registered business enterprise making the whole process peace of mind!

Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre helps businesses and individuals settle Perfect Money USD to more than 10+ currencies with the services of international money remittance provided by Western Union.



Important things to note

1. We only send out to currency that Western Union supports.
Click to check if it supports your currency.

2. Must input details in Perfect Money payment memo. (For Malaysia only)
Details including bank name, account holder name and account number.

3. For other countries than Malaysia, please first contact us.

4. This selling section doesn’t provide order receipt.
Clients agreed to not obtain the order receipt to use this selling section.

5. This is a small selling section.
The selling amount shouldn’t exceed 1000 PM USD.

6. The calculation of selling from other countries than Malaysia is as below.
An example of selling PM USD to CNY (China):

100 PM USD x4.2 = 420 MYR (Plus unique monthly offer)
(420 MYR + Unique monthly offer) x Google Live Rate = CNY



Start selling your Perfect Money USD today!


Selling Rate: 1 PM USD to 4.2 MYR
Processing: 1 working day or less
1 PM USD to 4.2 MYR (Plus unique monthly offer)



How much do you want to sell? Input digit only*
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