Selling Perfect Money USD (PM USD) has never been so confidence like this in the industry, knowing that you’re dealing with a registered business enterprise making the whole process peace of mind and hassle-free! We help both businesses and individuals settle Perfect Money USD to Malaysia Ringgit in less than 1 working day without the worries of conversion fluctuation.



Important things to note

1. We only send out Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) to participating banks in CIMB.
Please click here to see the bank list.

2. Recipient bank details in the Perfect Money payment memo is a must.
Details including bank name, account holder name and account number.

3. This selling section doesn’t provides order receipt.
Consumers agreed to not obtain the order receipt to use this selling section.

To obtain order receipt to email, please use this link to sell instead.



Start selling your Perfect Money USD today!


Selling Rate: 1 PM USD = 4 MYR
Processing: 1 working day or less
Sell 100 PM USD to receive 400 MYR

400 MYR = RM400


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