Last updated on 24 November 2019.

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”) is a contract between you and Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre or PMEVC Enterprise (hereinafter referred to as “Company” ) as well as its operated Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre or PMEVC Enterprise and It will apply to the service of your e-wallet recharge and withdrawal and other relative service( hereinafter referred to as this “Service”). If you don’t agree the restraint of the term and conditions in this Agreement, you cannot use this website or any service.

In this Agreement, “You” or “Your” is any individual or company (hereinafter referred to as” Uses”) that use our service. Except for special announcement, “Perfect Money e-Voucher Centre”, “PMEVC Enterprise”, “WE” and “OUR” refer to our company as well as our CEO, directors, agents, employees, sub company, joint ventures, workers and suppliers.

Payment Authorization

You, as our buyer or client, granted us with the permission to charge your credit/debit/prepaid card, online banking account or other accounts with our accepted payment gateway for the purchase amount in our website.

You certify that you’re an authorized user and that you will not dispute the payment with your card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this website.

Card Payment

We, PMEVC ENTERPRISE only responsible for making arrangements to debit your credit/debit/prepaid card account through the Card Centre as authorized by you. You acknowledge and agree that the credit/debit authorization payment service is provided by solely for your convenience and benefit. Therefore, for any problem or dispute arising from the processing/debiting it will be your own responsibility to resolve it with your card company (including but not limited to any problems due to a breakdown or malfunction or mechanical defect of  the computer system or equipment of the card company).

You shall accept fully responsibility for all transactions arising from the use of the credit/debit/prepaid card in payment of purchased product or service.

In the event that any moneys charged to or debited from the your credit/debit/prepaid card account is refundable by PMEVC ENTERPRISE for specify reason stated in refund policy. PMEVC ENTERPRISE is authorized to refund the same to the credit/debit/prepaid card holder and shall thereafter be fully discharged from all obligations pertaining to the same.  Should any dispute or issue arise regarding any payment or refund of moneys paid pursuant to this authorization, both the credit/debit/prepaid card holder shall refer only to each other for remedies and resolutions.

PMEVC ENTERPRISE shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, loss, damage, costs and expenses arising from the successful processing or the unsuccessful processing of the debit due to exceeding credit limit, malfunction of the system, electricity failure and/or any other factors beyond the control of PMEVC ENTERPRISE.

PMEVC ENTERPRISE deserve the right to limit the credit/debit/prepaid card payment at own discretion for the smooth flow of daily business operation.

Security and Safety

We striving to implement the utmost security measures together with our accepted payment gateway to verify every transaction, however we’re unable to guarantee that we will stop all the fraudulent transactions. Online transactions are always involving in frauds including but not limited to stolen credit/debit/prepaid card purchases, unauthorized online banking purchases and much more.

Victim must contact the related financial institution right away to terminate the payment service immediately and may also report to us for transaction reversal. Refund is available at our own discretion and only for specify reason stated in our refund policy.

Account and Fees

Only one account is allowed in our website, we deserve the right to terminate any account without prior notice to account holder if we notice rules breaching. All benefits stated in our website would be available for all account holder.

We promised only charged a fixed fees to maintain our legal business organization from every purchase and striving to keep it as lower as possible. Any excessive fees may charged by your bank or card issuer and payment method that used to make the purchase in our store which beyond our control. You agreed and understood the fees structure before making purchase in our store.


You, as our buyer or client, acknowledge that the product/service would be delivered within the time frame during our daily operating hours that stated in our website only after the payment confirmation. Delivery status can be checked in your account, any inquiry of delivery status will be deleted unopened at our own discretion to avoid overload of conversation request.

Delivered product/service is available to you immediately, thus refund is not available after the product/service has been activated. Refund is available at our own discretion and only for product/service that has not yet been activated with specific reason stated in our refund policy.

Legal Operation

We, PMEVC ENTERPRISE is operating this online business legally with registered business license in Malaysia under domain name All the prices of products listed in our website would be included 6% SST Service Tax that applied by Malaysia’s government if applicable. Any official invoice and document are issued under and by PMEVC ENTERPRISE.


We, PMEVC ENTERPRISE is an independent community and registered business in Malaysia. All the operations are conducted under the business trading name PMEVC ENTERPRISE. We bear no responsibility if any third party or someone else that may represent us to present the similar service to you. You agree that you will get in touch with us by using the official contact information only in our website.

We have our own business concept to keep our business information confidential and privately. You must do proper research and own due diligence in online market to perform any similar purchase online for your own security and safety.

Other conditions

We have the right to amend some terms in this Agreement. Unless the effective date is declared, the amended version will take effect 30 days after it is published on our website. If you don’t agree with the changed content, you shall cancel our service voluntarily. If you continue to use our service, it is regarded that you accept our amendment for service terms.